Isabella (isabellacantino) wrote in not_like_them,

I just wanna make a point abount all those "application" communities. they're too restrictive! for instance: what if youre not really a "music" person and they tell you to name 5 of your favorite bands and 5 of your favorite singers-you dont HAVE 5 favorite bands OR singers but you still could be a good person for that community! but if you say "I'm not really that into music" then they'll freak out and be like "youre NOT INTO MUSIC?!?! well then youre an idiot..blah blah REJECTED" and its the most immature and biased thing I've ever seen!

frankly, its just a bunch of teenagers trying to create their own form of government and we all know thats just not gonn work!

and another thing, why are people sooo cruel on LJ? I think its because they dont have to see the reactions and they dont really get that some people may take them seriously. Its really sad though, I could never say-or type anything so cruel to anyone like they do! arguements on LJ are the dumbest thing ever cause the person your arguing w/ could just take his time in thinking of the best comeback and vice-versa so they can go on forever

sorry I'm being such a crybaby but people just disturb me so much w/ their cruelty, and not just from the internet!
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