Kit (stargirl3616) wrote in not_like_them,


I'm amazed.  A community that doesn't make one post applications or judge?  Thank you. 

As for me...I'm...I don't know.  I can't even describe myself.  On the outside, I suppose I seem like the normal teenage stereotype girl...happy, smiling, lots of friends, great boyfriend, etc...but if any of them could look inside my mind...I'm not like them.  I'm not like anyone that I know of.  I feel like everyday I'm constantly trapped in something that I'm not quite part of, something that I don't really want to be part of.  I hate myself because I can't voice my inner thoughts...I never can.  Which is probably why I spend a large amount of my time sitting at my computer...because I find it easier to type out my thoughts rather than speak them.  Even my LiveJournal doesn't speak completely true to who I am, but I'm on my way. 

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