George L. Stewart (brotherless_one) wrote in not_like_them,
George L. Stewart

Ideas? ( x-posted)

Morrigann and I have been discussing taking to the road and, essentially, becoming gypsies. Since A)most of my money making skills require, at the very least, a central office of some sort from which various and sudry tasks are doled out to me and B) being a gypsy is sort of something you have to be born into, I was (and to a degree still am) less than favorable to the idea. Not the travelling caravan thing, just the lone gypsy thing. My minor irrational fear of bridges ( wow, I hadn't noticed...that's like another 10 or 15 hero points...!) makes the idea of my function being primarily the driver seem a little silly. I really don't want to get into that right involves a story about the ghost of a man trapped in concrete on the bridge he helped erect...really, its just uncool. Moving on...

I have been giving the idea some consideration, however. I have this fascination with things that are outside the norm as well as an attraction for, let's say, vintage professions. The idea of a small travelling carnival or even a pseudo gypsy camp really appeals to me! So I've been going over some of the logistics of it for the past hour or two -- pricing vehicles and trailers, researching supplies needed for extended "vacations", that sort of thing -- and I think that with a good enough plan and a few investors, we could pull it off. Don't worry...I have no intentions of hitting any of you up for cash. I hate owing anyone anything. Which, now that I think about it, blows some huge holes into the investor idea. I'll get over it.

Really, what I'm curious to know from anyone who's reading this is what would you want to see? So far our/my idea is still based on the "gypsy" idea: fortune tellers, dancers, fire spinners, that sort of thing. I can see doing a small midway deal as well, maybe just a couple booths of wares and food. We'd primarily be touring ren faires (although I personally would like to end the tour at Burning Man ). What do you think? Questions, suggestions and criticisms are all welcome.
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