No one will ever know (driedflower) wrote in not_like_them,
No one will ever know

Is it just me but from reading peoples entries and from receiving comments it seems that there are alot of people in this community that do HAVE FRIENDS and are suicidal. I thought this was about being different from others, being a loner, and not connecting to people because we just feel like we aren't like them. So far everyone just seems like Hi i'm really depressed and want to kill myself, or I have friends but just not where i live. I guess i can't relate to the people here either since i don't have any friends nor do i need them and i don't want to kill myself or hate myself.

I love my life and i love where my life is going. Yes i've had a rough past but i built a bridge and got over it. What I'm trying to get at is if there is anyone in this community that loves being a loner, doesn't want friends or have friends, loves their life, and loves themselves?

Sorry if this post makes people angry but it's just what i noticed and what i wanted to know.
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