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Hello there. I'm new here. I was just searching through various communities and I happened to pass by this one. To tell you the truth, I'm having my doubts concerning this community. I've given it a thorough scan, and it doesn't appear to be the most lively community.

People stop by, join the community, say hello and they they appear to disappear again. It appears that no is commenting on other people's posts.

Then again, I'm looking through the content of everyone's posts and they're all the same. None the less, I still felt like i had to join this community.
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Mm, yes. A lack of things to say maybe. Not sure how many actively read the community either. Of course, when things are slow, that causes people to not want to hang around as much, which doesn't help remedy the slowness of things. But, don't let yourself be deterred.
I know what you mean! I saw it and I was like "eek this place is semi-dead" ...but I related to it... it drew me to it you know? I'm not on LJ much but hi